The ministry
For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted to be an obedient servant of Jesus Christ.  While spending my junior year in college at the American University of Beirut in Beirut, Lebanon I decided I needed to "check out the God thing".  After returning to the United States, I finished  up my undergraduate degree at the University of Minnesota and then, in 1961, we were married and went off to Dubuque Theological Seminary, Trudy went to the adjacent Dubuque University and got her degree in French. 
n 1962 we both had a drastic change in our lives when we received the baptism of the Holy Spirt at St. Lukes Episcopal Church while Dennis Bennet was pastor. 
Our first experience in ministry was in 1963 when I took a position as youth pastor at First Presbyterian Church in Albuquerque, NM - a church of 3,100 members. When finished at First Presbyterian, I was called to a ministry in corporate America, "making tents" in technology.  Every three to four years a corporation would move us and we would begin a new ministry in that city. 
Over these past 40 years we have been involved in a non-traditional ministry, working with individuals, including pastors, and small groups to strengthen and deepen the walk of those whom God has given us for a season. 
We continue that ministry today, ministering in churches, doing conferences and small group meetings  - emphasizing both restoration from the enemy's kingdom and transformation into the image of Jesus by a walk of obedience to Him
The Feather
Our logo is a feather with the greek word douloj, which means "servant".  To read the story behind this logo, see the pamphlet  Featherness.  It is our desire to be servants to the servants of God. 
Our Part in Ministry
Whether it is indivitual ministry or a multi-day conference, we see ourselves as transaction agents.  Our purpose in ministry is to assist the saints to join their hearts to the heart of Father God... and then get out of the way so He can do His work.  We know that any eternally significant ministry is only done by Him.

Restoration and Transformation

These two main themes in our ministry are absolutly foundational to our walk as Christians.. In the beginning . . . God created the heavens and the earth . . . and it was good.  It was good, reflecting His nature and it was without evil.  Scripture tells us that something happened to this good creation; Lucifer, a created archangle rebelled against God and was cast down from heaven onto the earth. The resulting chaos is reflected in Gen. 1:2 and following. 

God, in His plan for the restoration of His creation on this earth established the Garden of Eden and then created Adam and Eve, giving them both physical life and spiritual life, His life.  As dependant beings, He offered them an eternal life of intimacy and fellowship with Himself. They were created in the image of god; one of the meanings of the Hebrew there is the word "shadow", a faint representation, with the potential of becoming real.  God invited them to eat of the Tree of Life and live in an intimate relationship with Himself and thereby be transformed from shadow to reality, the reality of Himself in all His Glory.

However, Lucifer, now called Satan, was already upon the earth and entered into the garden to tempt Adam and Eve.  He offered them the opportunity to be like a god without having to be dependant, and enticed them into choosing a life of independance from God, eating of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

As a consequence of this rebellion, the life of God was removed from Adam and Eve and sin and death entered into them and into the new creation.

Restoration is God's plan to redeem this situation. The fall in the garden did not come as a supprise to God - He had forseen it even before the foundations of the Earth and had made provisions in Himself to make the way of recovery possible.  Because of the finished work of Jesus Christ on the cross, in complete obedience to His Heavenly Father, we are able  to remove the enemy and his kingdom from our lives and to choose to replace it with the Kingdom of God.

Transformation  - But wait!  Recovery is not enough, it just restores us to a place where we can now enter into God's eternal purpose for his creation in the garden - that we would be transformed into His likeness, from shadow into reality.  His purpose has not changed.  We are called to a dependant, intimate walk of obedience, eating continually of the Tree of Life which is the person of Jesus Christ.  This includes being born again, to restore the life of God in us, and the baptism of the Holy Spirit to empower us to walk the Christian Life in dependant obedience,

Not-for-Profit Corporation

We are a not-for-profit corporation registered in Massachusetts and designated a religious entity.


Being Changed Ministry does not seek to be in conflict with any medical or psychiatric practices nor do we seek to be in conflict with any church and its religious doctrines, beliefs or practices. We are not counselors; we do not tell other people what they are to do, we are only ministers and pastors administering the Christian Scriptures as they pertain to life and health.  We believe many human problems are fundamentally spiritual with associated physiological and psychological manifestations. Any information provided is intended for your general knowledge and is presented only to give insight into life, health and disease. 



About us
Willis and Trudy Larson

Steve and Jan both came into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as teenagers in high school, nearly 35 years ago. We met at a collegiate Christian fellowship and were married in 1983.We have two grown children, who are a true blessing to us.Our heart’s desire is an increasingly closer walk with God and to encourage others in the same way.

God has led us on a path that first included a closer walk with Christ, then an encounter with the Holy Spirit that opened up a new revelation of the Godhead, and most recently experiences that have led us to the heart of Father God.

We have led home groups for over 20 years, and have seen God do wonderful things in people’s lives. However, something didn’t seem quite “right.” In 2004, we cameto know Willis and Trudy Larson; through their testimony and witness to us, many things about life in God finally fell into place. Our relationship with the Lord has grown tremendously in these recent years, and we are excited to share with others what (and Who) we have come to know.

Steve and Jan Koenig