Ministry Sheets
Ministry Sheets
The Scriptures tell us that our Heavenly Father knew us even before the foundations of the world... the person God saw did not have the sins of fear, bitterness, rejection, etc. in them.  These sins are additions to our lives from the kingdom of the enemy, Satan.  By the power of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, these spirits of the evil one can be removed and the damage they have done, healed.  This is the ministry of deliverance.
Also called "Tan sheets" for the color of paper they are printed on, these are to be used to assist you in removing the enemy from your own life and to reinforce your teaching and ministry sessions.  For instance, during a conference or a home group meeting you might teach and minister on the sin of unforgiveness. You would then provide the tan sheet on the subject to be taken home by each participant - for review and further self-ministry.  These ministry sheets cover the major areas of ministry required for a normal Christian walk.  They are not to replace your teaching and ministry, only to supplement and reinforce that ministry.  Our DVDs and CDs  also cover these subjects to assist you in your teaching and ministry and in training others to do the ministry.
When you select one of the tan sheets from the list above, the sheet will be described and the full text presented for your reading.  A link is also provided to enable you to print out the sheet for your own use.
Printing Ministry Sheets
To have a printed copy of any ministry sheet, click on the link for printing at the top the page.  This will bring up an Adobe .pdf file.  From the Adobe .pdf file print page one.  then turn that sheet over in your printer (make sure the top of the first page will also be the top of the second page) and print page two.  If there are more pages to the sheet then print page three, turn it over and print page four, etc.  Fold and assemble the sheets.  For a multiple page sheet you can put a small piece of tape on the fold between pages to help hold it together.
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