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The R's to Restoration and the Blue Card
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In Mat. 22:35-40, a lawyer asks Jesus, “Master, which is the most important commandment in all of the Law?”  Jesus said to him, “You shall love the Lord your God with all of your affection, and with all of your soul, and with all of your spirit (in other words with all that you are).  This is the first and great commandment. 
The R’s

1) Relationship

Consider James 4:7-10 and Isaiah 5:13ff.

All the R’s we will be discussing in this ministry sheet begin with, and depend on a Relationship with Father God. The R’s do not work without this relationship.  When participating in this ministry, engage your heart with Father God's heart and allow Him to do the ministry in His way, in His timing and in His power.

Foundational to establishing, recovering or improving your relationship with God is:

    Inviting Jesus Christ into your life,
    Confessing and repenting of your sin
    Receiving the empowering of the Holy Spirit,
    Being water baptized,
    Being engaged regularly in praise and worship, Scripture reading and prayer,
    Spending time with Him and being available to Him,
    Obeying Him and putting Him first in all things.

2) Recognize

Consider:  Eph 6:12, Rom 7 and 1Cor 1, Ps 139:23-24, Heb 4:13, Jam 1:5.

Recognize is the second R.  Your freedom begins with the recognition that you have sin in your life and specifically what that sin is.  Consider: sin is a disembodied spirit being from the invisible kingdom of Satan who is dedicated to establishing the kingdom of the enemy in your life and destroying the kingdom of God in your life. Your sin is in cooperating with that spirit being, allowing it into your life and allowing it to influence the way your life is lived.
How do you recognize Sin in your life?  In 1Cor 12, the scripture, while listing the nine manifestations of the Holy Spirit, speaks of “discerning spirits” by the power of God.  One of the functions of the Holy Spirit is to show you the spiritual world, including spirits beings that are part of your life.  Pay attention; when the Spirit of God speaks and brings the name of a spirit to mind or shows you one manifesting in you life, deal with it. As you are before the Lord, He will reveal  the sin in your life.   That is an “Ah-ha” moment.  You have recognized.

3) Responsibility

Consider: Psa 51:3-4; and Exo 34:7.

Taking responsibility is next.  Here you must take responsibility for the sin that you recognize - ultimately this includes everything that is not Gods will for your life.  Taking responsibility means that you agree that this sin is your own; it’s not uncle Harry’s problem or Mary Jane’s problem, it is your problem.  This means that you do not have any excuses. When you take responsibility, it is important to also take responsibility for not only your generation, but for all previous generations to insure you stop the consequences of iniquity (inter-generational sin).
The first part of this ministry is a prayer to Father God.  You state to Father God that you take responsibility for the sin of XX (fill in the blank with the sin you recognized above) in my generation and all previous generations on both sides of my family all the way back to Adam.

4) Renounce and Repent

Consider Acts 3:19; Revelation 2:5,16,21-22; 3:3,19

Next you must renounce the sin and repent to Father God for that sin that you have recognized.
Renounce means that you come out agreement with that sin that is in your life.  You state in your heart that you do not want anything to do with that sin.  You agree that this sin is not you and you are not it. 

Repent means that you turn your back on this sin and walk away from it with a God-given desire not to allow it back in. Ask God to give you a perfect hatred for that particular sin in your life. Here you are coming into agreement with God and coming out of agreement with the enemy of God.

5) Remove

Ezekiel 18:30-32; John 3:16

The next is Remove.  This is also called deliverance by the Christian community. Sin is an evil spirit that is on assignment from the enemy’s kingdom that seeks to manifest its nature in your life.  It wants to live out its life through you, causing you to think its thoughts and act out its actions here in the world.  This sin is not you; it is an evil spirit manifesting in your life.  You, the real you, is the person whom God saw before the foundations of the earth; He knew the color of your eyes, the number of hairs on your head.  You were made perfect in Him.  Then the enemy entered in and you now manifest sin.

First, this is the place to cancel any intergenerational curse that has come down into your life from your forefather’s iniquity. Simply ask Father God to cancel any curse relating to this sin that is present in your life.

Now remove and get rid of the spirit being in your life that is causing you to sin. Jesus Christ has given you the authority to cast out demons... even in your own life ... so do so! 
Here you take authority over the spirit of XX  (fill in the blank with the spirit you recognized earlier), cancel his assignment (to do you harm and manifest his life in you) and command him to leave.  Allow Father God to witness to you its leaving.  Command it to go into the “dry places” from whence it came.

6)  Restore

This is the place to ask for and receive God’s restoration; the healing Father God wants so desperately to give you.  Ask Him to heal that place in your heart where the sin of XX has done so much damage, to restore it and make it whole - and to receive any other healing He has for you at this time, body, soul, and spirit. 

Then it is important to ask Father God to fill that place where that spirit has been dwelling in your life... to fill it with something of Himself.  Allow Him to show you what He wants to put there... and then give Him permission to do so.

Have you ever noticed that after an argument you can remember every word and in see it all in living color?  That is a recorder spirit whose job is to lead you into bitterness and separate you from that other person.  Remove it; it is a spirit.

If you sense that the enemy has left programming behind in your life, ask Father God to cancel its affects. 

7) Resist

Consider: James 1:14-15, James 4:7-9, Luke 11:24-26

As you remove the enemy and his kingdom from your life using the R’s in this ministry sheet, he will not be pleased and will attempt to return.  The scripture exhorts us to “take every thought captive,” taking the time to examine every thought and see if it is from the Lord or the enemy.  If it is not of the Kingdom of Righteousness, resist it and reject it’s returning to dwell in your life.  It will tempt you and then accuse you, telling you that your being tempted is sin.  It is not.  At the point of temptation, reject the accuser and draw nigh unto God and rest there. 
The Blue Card

Realizing the importance of dealing with evil spirits in our lives the moment the Holy Spirit causes us to “recognize” the enemy, we developed a small 3” x 5” card to be used as a prayer template that you can carry in your pocket or purse so it would be immediately available to you.

Let’s say you have “recognized” an evil spirit in your life.  Now it is time to deal with it using the little card.  The blue card is divided into three sections:
1) Appropriation, 2) Deliverance and 3) Healing.

1)  Appropriation - In the first section of the card, you are appropriating the finished work of Jesus Christ.  You begin with prayer, centering your heart on Father God.  You then take responsibility for sin caused by this spirit in your life. Taking responsibility means that you agree that this is not uncle Harry’s problem or Mary Jane’s problem, it is your problem.  When you own the problem you can deal with it. Here you take responsibility not only for the sin in your own generation, but for all previous generations on both sides of your family tree and all the way back to Adam.  This insures you deal with all the iniquity (inter-generational sin) in your family line way back to the beginning. 

You begin, saying, “Father God, I take responsibility for the spirit of XX  (fill in the blank with the sin you have recognized - i.e. the spirit of anger...) in my generation and all previous generations on both sides of my family all the way back to Adam.

Next you Renounce and Repent, saying, “Father God, I renounce and repent of this sin of XX in my life.  I do not want it there, I come out of agreement with it and agree with you that it should not be part of my life.  I turn my back on it and I reject it in my life.”

Next you ask for forgiveness, saying, “Father God I ask forgiveness for the sin of XX in my life, for allowing it into my life and for allowing it to affect the way my life is being lived.  Father, I receive your forgiveness and forgive myself.”

Now you remove any intergenerational curse which has come down through the ages in your family tree by saying, “Father God, I ask now that you would cancel the curse that has come upon me.”

Now that you have dealt with your part of the sin by appropreation the finished work of Jesus Christ, it is time to remove the spirit.

2)  Deliverance - Jesus Christ has given us power over the principalities and powers of this world.  We use that power, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit to remove the enemy and his influence on our lives.  We speak directly to the spirit, saying, “In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazarus (be sure you get this Jesus, the one of Nazarus), I take authority over you,  spirit of XX.  I cancel your assignment and plans for my life and command you to loose me, come out of me, up and out in the Name of Jesus, and go now into the dry places.  You no longer have a place in my life.”  Command it until it leaves.

Now deal with any recorder spirit or programming spirit left behind.  You say, “I take authority over you, recorder spirit and programming spirit and command you also loose me, come up and out in the Name of Jesus, and be gone into the dry places.”

3)  Healing - These spirits have done damage to your heart, separating you from Father God, yourself and other people in your life.  Father God wants to heal that damage, so the next step is to give Him permission to do so.  You say, “Father God, I ask that you heal that place in my heart where these spirits have done damage, and Father, I also ask that you would fill that place with YY (fill in the blank as the Holy Spirit shows you what Father God wants to put there), that I might be whole and complete in You.”  You ask Father to fill that place to make sure that place is filled to prevent the enemy from coming back and with seven more of his kind to make you worse off than before.

The blue card is not a mantra, a formula or a magic spell to get something to happen in your life.  It is just a simple template that God can use to lead you through the steps to come free and be made whole. Use it under his leading and go where He leads.
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And the second is like it; you shall love your neighbor as yourself.  On these two commandments rest all of the Law and the Prophets. ”Problems in your life come out of a separation on three levels - separation from God, separation from yourself, and your separation from others.  If you are not rightly related to your Heavenly Father, you will have problems properly relating to yourself and consequently properly relating to your neighbors. In the Christian Life, being properly related in all three dimensions is not optional; it is the first and  foremost commandment.  Using the “blue card” as a ministry template the R’s to freedom as outlined in this pamphlet will lead you through a process that will assist you in recovering your freedom in all three dimensions.
The Blue Card

Illustrated on the back of this pamphlet, is a three by five inch card (usually colored blue) which can be carried around in your pocket and used all day every day, as often as necessary, as a template to gain your own freedom as the Holy Spirit brings items to mind for you to deal with; it is also very helpful as you minister to others. There will be more on the blue card later in this ministry sheet.