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Traumas are life-events that wound; that cause physical, psychological, or spiritual damage to a person. A trauma becomes a door point that allows the enemy to enter into a person's life and maintain a stronghold either in that person's life or to travel down through the subsequent generations.  
There is a Trama Ministry Card,  "The Green Card,"  that comes in two versions, one for ministering to others, and one for ministering to trauma in your own life. It is a  handy 3" X 5"  ministry template that fits in your pocket.  See the link above.
Traumas include:
Conception Trauma including:
Born out of Wedlock; Unwanted;
Genetic Problems
In the Womb & Birth Trauma including: 
Rejection/Illness, Physical and/or Emotional in Mother; Rejection because of Gender;
Breach/Cord around Neck, etc.
Early illnesses/dental trauma and separations:
Hospitalization - Yours or Parents (Ex.: Being in Isolated at Birth)
Given up for Adoption;  Father away because of job or at war, etc.
Moving to New Area. Divorce or Death
Accidents/Injuries Trauma including:
Near Drowning/Choking or Witness to them
Rejection due to physical/emotional differences or conflicts with
Parents/Siblings, Peers, School/Teachers, Bosses, Pastors, Doctors
Mates/Children , Government and/or Legal Systems 
Wounding in Churches and the church system 
Rejection by Girlfriends/Boyfriends 
Incest/Molestation/Rape/Robbery/Satanic Ritual Abuse and Programming 
Divorce/Parents or Spouses ; Being Unmarried/Childless/Abortions 
Being in Dysfunctional Family/Marriages 
Loss of Spouses/Friends/Parent/Children 
Financial Loss/Poverty and/or Fear of Poverty 
Sickness and Disease throughout Life ; Parents speaking Fear of God/Devil 
Lies from Parents/Siblings (You are adopted, etc.) ; Other Verbal, Emotional, Physical and Sexual Abuses not included above; Coarse Jesting, Victimization, Family Scapegoat 
Witnessing violence  Trauma
At Home; Juvenile Homes/Foster Homes/Orphanages ; Military Service ;
Boarding Schools ; Keeping Family Secrets 
Being Afraid and Anxious on a Daily Basis in the Home Environment 
Broken Heart  Trauma
Unfulfilled Expectations and Broken Dreams (Hope deferred maketh the heart sick. Proverbs 13:12) .
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Ministry to Trauma
Link to a print version - Trauma Ministry Sheet
Link to Trauma Ministry Card