Ministry List Booklet
Link to a print version of this ministry booklet
Link to Blue Ministry Card
Here is a booklet that is very handy to have during ministry sessions as you minister to others - or to yourself.  It contains a listing of possible spirit involvement for all the major strongmen of the enemy's kingdom. 
Using this Booklet
In your recovery walkout, you might need to do some ministry on bitterness, for instance.  Click on the link above to see the print version of the ministry list booklet as an Adobe .pdf file.  Turn to the bitterness section and print the page(s) for your own use.  Each page has a row of small circles on the left side of the list and another on the right side.  As you are before the Lord, go down the list and see if there is any witness of the spirit for each item.  If there is, make a mark in the left circle by that item.  Then, as you deal with that item, using the "Blue Ministry Card", make a mark in the right circle by that item.  Go through the list as often as necessary - several times a day if required. 
Printing the Booklet
To have a complete ministry list booklet, click on the link above and print it out.  From the Adobe .pdf file first print page 1.  then turn that sheet over in your printer (make sure the top of the first page will also be the top of the second page) and print page 2.  Next print page 3, turn it over and print page 4, etc.  Fold and assemble the sheets and you have the complete booklet.  You can put a small piece of tape on the fold between pages to help hold the book together.
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