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These are short pamphlets dealing with a single foundational word or concept, each chosen because of it's critical impact on our Christian walk.  The "Nesses" series are all newly prepared for our new book, 3D Christianity and the Nesses. You may view them or print them on your computer for use in your own ministry.  You have our permission to print limited quanities of  these copyrighted pamphlets for use in ministry. 
To have printed copies of any of our ministry pamphlets, click on the link for printing at the top of the page.  This will bring up an Adobe .pdf file.  From the Adobe .pdf file, print page one,  then turn that sheet over in your printer (make sure the top of the first page will also be the top of the second page) and print page two.  If there are more pages to the sheet then print page three, turn it over and print page four, etc. For pamphlets that print two up, cut the sheets in half and fold  them for completed pamphlets
Prayer: Magic or Permission?
Truths, Truth and Knowing
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Many of us in the Christian culture speak a language called "Christianese".  It is full of words, translated from the original languages that have taken on meanings not intended by the writers in the Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic. 
Once words are filled up with meaning, they are very difficult to empty out and refill with another meaning.  We have found it is much easier and more usefull to just invent a new word and fill it up with a meaning that is more accurate to the original word or concept and then use that word to communicate.
Over the years we have written short pamphlets to bring focus to words and concepts that are critical to an intimate walk with our Heavenly Father.  Each pamphlet has an audio snippet available also so you can listen as well as read the content.  The audio is taken from our conference CDs and DVDs.
Ministry Pamphlets
New: Who Are You?