Feathers float in the air, responding to every breeze.  As Christians, we need to practice featherness as the Spirit moves on us..
From the beginning in our Christian life together, my wife and I learned that God wanted us to live all of our lives in obedience to Him in all things. We began asking Him about even the small things of life, and we found He answered.  This included reading the Bible under His direction.. As I sat before Him with the Bible, I would ask Him,  “Where do you want me to read today?”  Often He would answer me with a particular place.  After a few years of reading under His guidance, He began having me read in Hebrews, specifically chapters three and four.  In these chapters, God invites us to come and live in the place where He is, to enter into His rest and dwell there.  He also warns us not to harden our hearts and in so doing, fail to enter into this place of rest.
More than two years later, when I asked the question, “Where do you want me to read today?” the answer was still the same. He said  “Hebrews chapters three and four”.  I said “Lord, you know we have been here for a while. I believe I understand what it says.” He replied, “Yes, but you haven't gotten it yet.  Merely understanding will not do. Until I can change you and work this into your life, we must continue here. For now, this is the one thing most needful in your life.”  And so we continued in Hebrews chapters three and four.
One day while we were reading, the Lord said, “Harden not your heart.” While I had read that many times and understood what the words meant, I knew I needed to ask, and so I said, “Lord, what is a hard heart?” Immediately He showed me a picture of myself pushing against the brick wall of our fireplace.  He said, “What are you doing?”  I said, “Pushing against a brick wall.”  He said, “Is it hard?”  I answered, “Yes, it is hard.”  He said, Why is it hard?”  He then revealed to me that it was hard because it pushed back.  The harder I pushed, the harder it pushed back.  Then came the lesson.
The Lord said, “During your walk with me, my Holy Spirit pushes on you with his still small voice and gentle breeze. He gives you guidance and empowers you to obey.  Then, should you choose to do your own thing, you are pushing back; you are hardening your heart.  Doing your own thing - pushing back -  is called Sin, which is disobedience.” He said, “My desire for you is that you would respond to my spirit with immediate obedience. Go with the flow.” 
Many years later, the Lord gave me a term for that soft-hearted response. He called it “Featherness.”  He said, “Be like a feather.  As my Spirit blows upon you, yield,  go with the flow.”
A proper stance in the Christian walk is to constantly be available to the Spirit of God and His breath of Life.  As He provides guidance for your life at the moment, do not harden your heart but respond like a feather.  In all things, practice featherness.
God's eternal purpose is to change us into His likeness.  He wants to give us his life.  This only happens by obedience and obedience implies hearing his voice.  Today, when you hear His voice, respond like a feather. and be transformed into His likeness.  Featherness is a critical part the Christian walk.  Harden not your heart. Go with the flow. Practice featherness.
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Suggested Reading:
Hebrews 3-4, Romans 8.