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Truths, Truth and Knowing
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Suggested reading: Jn 8:32f, Jn 14:6, 3Jn 1:4

A question:  “If you studied the Bible long enough and hard enough and were able to find all of the truths in it, would you then have the truth?”  Most Christians would agree that they would then have the truth.  But “Truths”, plural, is not a biblical word; it is never used in the Bible.  Nowhere in the 200 times it is used in the scriptures is   (al-ay'-thi-a), the Greek word for truth, used in the plural. 


One of the key passages in scripture about truth is Jn 8:31-34,  “Then Jesus said to the Jews who believed on Him, ‘If you continue in my word, you are my disciples indeed; then you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.’” A large portion of the Christian community understands this passage to say, “If you immerse yourself in the study of the Bible, then you are a Christian and you will be able to extract the Bible’s truths and these truths will make you free.”


The Bible is focused on the truth... and defines truth for all times in Jn 14:6  where Jesus says, “ "I am the way, the truth, and the life...”  He states clearly that He is truth.  Truth is not the sum of truths; truth is a person, Jesus Christ.  When you see the word “truth” in the Bible, it is referring to a person, Jesus.


A better translation of Jn 8:31-32 might be,  “If you rest (puppyness) in me and are obedient (featherness) to what I ask of you (my word), then you will know me (intimately) and I will free you.  And then, in case there was still any doubt about meaning of the word “Truth”, He continues in v. 36,  ”Therefore if the Son sets you free, you will be truly free.“ 


How do we get free? The Son sets us free.  It is not truths from the Bible, it is the Truth, the indwelling person of God the Son, His life in us, setting us free. It is not knowing the truths or knowing about the truth, but knowing the Truth that will free you. 


What does it mean to know the Truth? In Jn 8:32, the Greek word “know” is ????´s?? (ghin-oce'-ko).  Among other things, the Thayer Greek dictionary indicates that this word is a Jewish idiom for the most intimate relations between a man and a woman in marriage.   Here, the knowing is knowing in a intimate way.  God is not as interested in our knowing about Him   (that is called theology - knowing about God),  so much as He is interested in our knowing Him intimately.


A woman who had just married a very famous statesman and author  wanted desperately to get to know him better, so she went out and purchased the five biographies written about him, his autobiography and the several other books he had written.   She then retired, day after day, to the alcove just off of the kitchen to read all about him.  Meanwhile,  in another part of the house, he waited, desiring an intimate relationship with her.


Be clear, knowing about is not the same as knowing. Knowing truths is about knowledge... knowing the Truth is about an intimate relationship with a person, Jesus Christ, who is the Truth.


Willis Larson

Being Changed Ministries

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