Ministry Cards
Each of these 3" X 5" cards is a template for ministry, a handy reference that fits in your pocket.  It is for use under the guidance and anointing of the Holy Spirit.
The "Blue Card" is used for deliverance ministry - removing the enemy from our lives and the lives of those we minister to.
The "Green Card" is used for trauma ministry - removing the effects of the woundings that come upon us and those we minister to.
The "Yellow Card" is used in the ministry of the Father's Love - to restore the broken heart.
Click on each of the links for further information on the cards and their use.
Printing Ministry Cards
To have a printed copies of our ministry cards, click on the link for printing at the top the page.  This will bring up an Adobe .pdf file.  From the Adobe .pdf file print page one.  then turn that sheet over in your printer (make sure the top of the first page will also be the top of the second page) and print page two.  Then cut the cards apart for your use.
Blue Cards
Green Cards
Yellow Cards
Ministry Cards
Many of you have heard of the famous "Blue Card"; it is used all over the U.S. in the ministry of recovery.  Did you know there are also "Green Cards" and "Yellow Cards"?