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Here is the famous "Blue Card"; a handy ministry template for your use in deliverance ministry - removing the enemy from our lives and the lives of those we minister to.  Realizing the importance of dealing with evil spirits in our lives the moment the Holy Spirit causes us to “recognize” the enemy, we developed a small 3” x 5” card to be used as a prayer template that you can carry in your pocket or purse so it would be immediately available to you.
It is for use under the guidance and anointing of the Holy Spirit.  We strongly suggest that you read the ministry sheet,  "R's and the Blue Card" on this website to fully understand it's use.
Let’s say you have “recognized” an evil spirit in your life.  Now it is time to deal with it using the little card.  The blue card is divided into three sections:
1) Appropriation, 2) Deliverance and 3) Healing.

1) Appropriation - In the first section of the card, you are appropriating the finished work of Jesus Christ.  You begin with prayer, centering your heart on Father God.  You then take responsibility for sin caused by this spirit in your life. Taking responsibility means that you agree that this is not uncle Harry’s problem or Mary Jane’s problem, it is your problem.  When you own the problem you can deal with it. Here you take responsibility not only for the sin in your own generation, but for all previous generations on both sides of your family tree and all the way back to Adam.  This insures you deal with all the iniquity (inter-generational sin) in your family line way back to the beginning. 

You begin, saying, “Father God, I take responsibility for the spirit of XX  (fill in the blank with the sin you have recognized - i.e. the spirit of anger...) in my generation and all previous generations on both sides of my family all the way back to Adam.

Next you Renounce and Repent, saying, “Father God, I renounce and repent of this spirit of XX in my life.  I do not want it there, I come out of agreement with it and agree with you that it should not be part of my life.  I turn my back on it and I reject it in my life.”

Next you ask for forgiveness, saying, “Father God I ask forgiveness for the spirit of XX in my life, for allowing it into my life and for allowing it to affect the way my life is being lived.  Father, I receive your forgiveness and forgive myself.”

Now you remove any intergenerational curse which has come down through the ages in your family tree by saying, “Father God, I ask now that you would cancel the curse that has come upon me.”

Now that you have dealt with your part of the sin by appropriating the finished work of Jesus Christ, it is time to remove the spirit.

2)  Deliverance - Jesus Christ has given us power over the principalities and powers of this world.  We use that power, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit to remove the enemy and his influence on our lives.  We speak directly to the spirit, saying, “In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth (be sure you get this Jesus, the one of Nazareth) I take authority over you,  spirit of XX.  I cancel your assignment and plans for my life and command you to loose me, come out of me, up and out in the Name of Jesus, and go now into the dry places.  You no longer have a place in my life.”  Command it until it leaves.

Now deal with any recorder spirit or programming spirit left behind.  You say, “I take authority over you recorder spirit and programming spirit and command you also loose me, come up and out in the Name of Jesus, and be gone into the dry places.”

3)  Healing - These spirits have done damage to your heart, separating you from Father God, your self and other people in your life.  Father God wants to heal that damage, so the next step is to give Him permission to do so.  You say, “Father God, I ask that you heal that place in my heart where these spirits have done damage, and Father, I also ask that you would fill that place with YY (fill in the blank as the Holy Spirit shows you what Father God wants to put there), that I might be whole and complete in You.”  You ask Father to fill that place to make sure that place is filled to prevent the enemy from coming back and with seven more of his kind to make you worse off than before.

The blue card is not a mantra, a formula or a magic spell to get something to happen in your life.  It is just a simple template that God can use to lead you through the steps to come free and be made whole. Use it under his leading and go where He leads.
Printing Ministry Cards
To have a printed copies of our ministry cards, click on the link for printing at the top the page.  This will bring up an Adobe .pdf file.  From the Adobe .pdf file print page one.  then turn that sheet over in your printer (make sure the top of the first page will also be the top of the second page) and print page two.  Then cut the cards apart for your use.
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