Trudy and I have been servants of the Most High for more than 40 years now - a grand adventure that includes seminary training, Presbyterian ministry, ministry to corporate America, four children, small group ministry, tent-making in technology and violin music teaching, moving every three to four years to a new mission field, and finally after 26 years, landing in  Boston... we have been blessed in it all.
In 1987, while managing central engineering for the second largest computer company in the world, I suddenly came down with several serious diseases, including chronic fatigue, fibromialgia, brain fog, memory loss, hypothyroidism, depression, severe mutiple chemical sensitivities, multiple food allergies, and neurological problems - resulting in total disability. After almost 17 years of living in the bubble of our protected home, I was sent by the Lord to a little church in nowhere Georgia and was healed. This is the story of my early walk in Jesus Christ, my illness and my healing.
A Reaction to Healing
Click on the upper-right picture of the phone above for a short audio clip of my son's reaction to my visit to his home just after my healing.
"Read and Print" Version
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Streaming Audio
If you would like to listen to the whole testimony here on your computer or use it in small group meetings for ministry,  just  click on each of the links below. 
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A07 Illness.mp3   A08 God's Promises.mp3   A09 Travel to Healing.mp3
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