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Now Available - updates to the "Restoration" series DVD set - "Spirit World Realities" and "Sin and Separation" DVDs
1)  Just released a completely revised DVD - disk one of the Restoration series titlied
"Spirit World Realities".  We are presently re-doing all of the Restoration Series DVDs.  This is the first of the series and is now available. 
2)  Also, just released a completely revised DVD - disk two of the Restoration series titlied
"Sin and Separation".  We are presently re-doing all of the Restoration Series DVDs.  This is the Second of the series and is now available. 
Cost for these disks
A donation of $10 per disk + a one time per order charge of $5 S&H is suggested to help defray the cost of providing this resource.
If you are not able to make the contribution suggested above at this time, see our webpage "Contributions" and then please contact us to see if something can be arranged.
Restoration Conference CD  or DVD Set
Sick and tired of being sick and tired?  Depressed?  Alone and without hope? Life coming unraveled?  This series may show you a new way to recover your spiritual, emotional and physical health,  based on a living relationship with Jesus Christ.. Willis Larson tells his story of being healed after more than 16 years of several serious illnesses.  This series is based on his more than 40 years of Christian life and ministry and includes material from the teachings of Henry Wright of the “Be in Health” Program in Pleasant Valley, GA.
These conference CDs and DVDs are the result of hundreds of hours of preparation and more than ten conferences given in various parts of the USA.  In all of our conferences we strive to use a simple, linear presentation style and make extensive use of graphic illustrations (several hundred) to make the material clear to the listener.  
Conference Contents:
BMWA 01R Disclaimer      (02:02)
BMWA 02C Larson Healing Testimony    (39:31)
BMWA 03R Foundations      (49:53)
BMWA 04R Theology of Disease     (09:25)
BMWA 05R Sin and Spirit World Realities   (26:31)
BMWA 06R Separation       (16:17)
BMWA 07R Physiology of Disease     (39.27)
BMWA 08C Fear and Trauma      (29:13)
BMWA 09C Forgiveness      (15:00)
BMWA 10W Broken Hearts and the Father's Love  (34:29)
BMWA 11R Ministry of the Mother's Love   (06:59)
BMWA 12R The Bastard's Curse     (13:17)
BMWA 13R Guidance, Obedience and Power   (23:04)
BMWA 14R The Eight Rs,  Blue Card & Bitterness  (43:05)
BMWA 15R Maintaining Freedom - Walking Out  (19:13)
Please Note:  Placement on the Cds is out of sequence in order to get the conference on the five disks.  
Formats available and cost:
We have this restoration conference resource available in three different formats.
  1.  A set of four DVD videos that will play in almost any video player.  ($48.00 + $6.00 S&H)
  2.  A set of five audio only CDs that play on any CD player, and many DVD players. ($40.00 + $6.00 S&H)
  3. A single audio CD with the whole conference in mp3 format - it will play on any computer or mp3 player.  This disk also has the conference Powerpoint files, the conference outlines, all the conference graphic slides in .jpg and .pdf formats , and many other ministry resources to numerous to mention.  If you would like to minister Restoration, this is an excellent starter kit.  Phone us to discuss how these can be used in your own ministry. ($20.00 + $6.00 S&H)
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