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3D Christianity and the Nesses?

Larson speaks frankly about his own search for God and how all the “right” things—including seminary—left him feeling empty. With compassion and humility, he shares the practical ideas and helpful illustrations that God used to draw him into a life-giving relationship. If you’re disillusioned with doctrine and want to connect with the Living God, this book is a great starting place.

--JM, Massachusetts



Dad always said, "a good teacher is one who can take apparently complex issues and explain them to a six year old, without loss of content." Willis is such a teacher. He cuts through silly religious language, "we understand what we are talking about; don't we?" He exposes obscure and incorrect church doctrine and obtuse alleged principles which are either misunderstood or do not actually exist at all. Thank You Brother.

-- FO, South Carolina


This is a must read for every believer because this book could be as life changing for you as the experience that Saul had on his journey near Damascus.  Saul became the Apostle Paul, a chosen vessel, who received his sight and was filled with the Holy Ghost, which enabled him to complete the mission God had planned for him.

--BP, Georgia


Wonderful! Seems one never tires of reading truth as it is presented. It is a moment of reality in this otherwise muddy world of religion and theology.

--PM, Wisconsin


Thank you so much for your manuscript!!  We printed it out at church and I am currently reading it.  How wonderful that you've taken the time to write all your thoughts into a book.  I am greatly enjoying reading it and meditating on your words, and just wanted you to know we have indeed received your labor of love and are being blessed through it.

--DB & MB, Nebraska


I just got it! It came in the mail this morning. You really nailed it; I love everything about this book; I can’t put it down. Could you send me two more copies? I don’t want to let mine go anywhere. What a blessing and a joy to revisit our past walk together written in a book I can hold in my hands. Thank you from the bottom of my nephish and chaiim. (Editorial comment: This refers to two Hebrew words for “life” used in the book).

--ES, New Mexico


This is a book that captures the essence of the Christian walk and that will change lives.  I am so excited about this book and so glad you finally did it; I want several copies before Christmas.

--PR, Montana

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